R A S P Cars

Since the early 1990's drifting as a sport had begun in Japan, since then it slowly began to get popular in other parts of the world with the first round of the D1GP in 2000. Now all over the world car enthusiasts are building cars specifically for drifting and competing in competitions all over the globe.

Drifting requires great skill and high quality driving style where the driver uses the acceleration, brakes, clutch, manual gear changes and quick steering in order to make the car in a state of oversteer, on a track the driver will attempt to hold the drift from each corner to the next by using the correct amount of opposite lock along with the power and co ordination of braking, gear changing and steering to achieve this style.

Its great fun, helps build confidence of your car and teaches you how to safely control a car at its limit. There are many different locations throughout the UK where you can go for practising or just to watch drifting competitions.

There are many different vehicles that can be used for drifting, however they must be Rear Wheel Drive, have a LSD (Limited Slip Differential) or welded differentials and preferably a turbo charged engine for power, although here at R A S P Cars we have sold many naturally aspirated vehicles where our customers have still used them for drifting - one of the most popular NA vehicles being the Toyota Corolla AE86.

We at R A S P Cars try to attend various car shows / meets as it helps gain information regarding current trends and what our potential customers may seek.

Over the years we have sold many RWD vehicles and still provide these vehicles to customers. Previously we've sold many Toyota Corolla AE86's, Toyota Altezza, Nissan 200sx S13 and S14, Silvias, Nissan Skylines and BMW's.

Many of our customers just want the Rear Wheel Drive experience and aren't into drifting at all, thats why we source nice original cars for customers just wanting a weekend, rear wheel driven car.

So if your looking for a specific RWD Car please do not hesitate to contact us, we can assist in your search if we do not have a suitable vehicle in stock we could always source one from Japan and have it imported directly for you.

Here are some photos of a drift practise day we attended and used our JDM Corolla AE86 for the day, It was great fun and exhilarating.